Wyoming (Area 90) Al-Anon/Alateen

District 6 Meetings

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Serenity Prayer

District Meetings:

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Casper,  Douglas,  Edgerton, Glenrock,  Midwest

Brown Baggers AFG


    St. Mark's Episcopal Church
    701 S. Wolcott St.
    Group Contact - Inge K at 307-237-3004
  Stepping Stones to Recovery


 7:00 pm
    First United Methodist Church
    302 E. 2nd St., [Second Floor, Parlor]

Group Contacts - Jenny H at 307-237-4210


and Ula D at 307-259-3212

A New Beginning


 7:00 pm
    12-24 Club
    500 S. Wolcott St., #200 [Ft. Caspar Room, Third door on the left]

Group Contact - Rosemary W at 307-262-8569

  Friday Noon Keep It Simple Silly (KISS)


    12-24 Club
    500 S. Wolcott St., #200 [Ft. Caspar Room, Third door on the left]

Group Contacts - Rosemary W at 307-262-8569

    and Linda R at 307-259-9237
  Saturday AM New Starts AFG


 10:00 am
    Shepherd of the Hills Presbyterian Church
4600 S. Poplar St.
Group Contacts - Leah M at 307-253-0524
    and Janet Y at 307-251-4028

District VI Meeting

  District VI Meeting

3rd Saturday

 1:00 pm
    12-24 Club [Old Coliseum Motors Building]
    500 S. Wolcott St., #200 [Third door on the left]

Please contact Rosemary W at 307-262-8569

    or Jenny H at 307-237-4210

If you would like to speak to someone from District VI,

please call 307-462-4535

The Al-Anon Declaration
Let It Begin with Me
when anyone, anywhere, reaches out
for help let the hand of Al-Anon
and Alateen always be there, and
Let It Begin with Me.